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Check valid email for Yandex

# encoding: utf-8 require 'unirest' require 'nokogiri' # Malidator class Malidator # @param [String] email # @return [Malidator] def initialize(email) @email = email end # @return [Mixed] def valid? uri = '' headers = { x_requested_with: 'XMLHttpRequest' } parameters = { track_id: track_id, login: local_part } response = uri, headers: headers, parameters: parameters body = response.body !body.key? 'validation_errors' end private # @return [String] def local_part @email.split('@').first end # @return [String] def domain @email.split('@').last end # @return [String] def track_id response = Unirest.get '' raw_body = response.raw_body doc = Nokogiri::HTML raw_body element = doc.at_css '[id="track_id"]' element.attribute('value').value end end
malidator = ''

return true if email address is valid (no error)
return false if email address is invalid (have error)

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