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//BCA Support - #include <stdio.h> int add(int x,int y) { return x+y; } int mul(int x,int y) { return x*y; } int sub(int x,int y) { return x-y; } void main() { //Declaring pointers to functions int (*a)(int,int); int (*m)(int,int); int (*s)(int,int); int x,y,z; clrscr(); //Storing address in pointers a=add; m=mul; s=sub; //Calling functions using pointers x=a(5,3); y=m(5,3); z=s(5,3); //Printing values printf("\nAdd\t\t: %d",x); printf("\nProduct\t\t: %d",y); printf("\nSubtract\t: %d",z); getch(); }

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