ACF User Profile Field True/False

<?php $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); $show_hide_custom_admin = get_field( 'show_custom_admin_bar', 'user_' . $current_user->ID ); $show_enable_refresh = get_field( 'enable_refresh', 'user_' . $current_user->ID ); ?> <?php if ( $show_hide_custom_admin ) { include('admin-bar.php'); }?> <?php wp_footer(); ?> <?php if( $show_enable_refresh ): ?> <script> function poll(poll_url, poll_timeout) {     setInterval( function() {         $.ajax({         dataType: "json",         url: poll_url,         success: function (data){         if(data.modified != date_modified){         if(!date_modified){         date_modified = data.modified;         }         else{         location.reload();         }         }                 }         });     }, poll_timeout); } var date_modified = null; poll("<?php echo site_url() ?>/wp-json/wp/v2/<?php echo $post->post_type ?>s/<?php echo $post->ID ?>", 3000); </script> <?php endif; ?>
We have two true/false fields one with an id of 'show_custom_admin_bar' and the other 'enable_refresh'. They are assigned to a current user that is logged in.

The admin bar is part of this project:

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