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<!-- HTML --> <a href="" title="Google">Save Google to Bookmarks</a> <!-- jQuery--> $(".js-bookmark").on('click', function(){ var $this = $(this); var bookmarkUrl = $this.attr('href'); var bookmarkTitle = $this.attr('title'); if ($.browser.mozilla) { // For Mozilla Firefox Bookmark window.sidebar.addPanel(bookmarkTitle, bookmarkUrl,""); } else if($.browser.msie) { // For IE Favorite window.external.AddFavorite( bookmarkUrl, bookmarkTitle); } else if($.browser.opera ) { // For Opera Browsers $this.attr("href",bookmarkUrl); $this.attr("title",bookmarkTitle); $this.attr("rel","sidebar"); $; } else { // for other browsers which does not support alert('Your browser does not support this feature. Simply press "ctrl + d" to add to favourites') } return false; });
Snippet to allow you to save a link to bookmarks

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