Aliases - Making Ubuntu Commands Easy

#!/bin/bash shopt -s expand_aliases alias apt-get='sudo apt-get' alias _bounce_web='sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart' alias _install='sudo apt-get -q -y install' alias _update='sudo apt-get update' alias _upgrade='sudo apt-get upgrade' alias _dist-up='sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' alias _add-repo='sudo add-apt-repository' alias _rm='sudo rm' alias _mv='sudo mv' alias _write='sudo tee' alias _append='sudo tee -a' alias _cp='sudo cp' alias _chown='sudo chown' alias _chmod='sudo chmod' alias _chgrp='sudo chgrp' alias _mkdir='sudo mkdir' alias _svn='sudo svn' alias _sh='sudo bash'

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