Art Gallery

/* This program will generate information for specifc paintings at the Art Gallery for all the visitors Auther---- Tsotne Gvadzabia Date--- 13/10/16 */ import java.util.Scanner; //imports scanner class artgallery { public static void main (String[]p) { int roomnum = 0; // Room number variable roomnum=question(roomnum); if (roomnum==1) //if the roomnumber is 1 it will go to this method { infoprinter(); } else if(roomnum==2) //if the roomnumber is 2 it will go to this method { infoprinter2(); } else if(roomnum==3) //if the roomnumber is 3 it will go to this method { infoprinter3(); } else if(roomnum==4) //if the roomnumber is 4 it will go to this method { infoprinter4(); } else if(roomnum==5) //if the roomnumber is 5 it will go to this method { infoprinter5(); } else //Program stops after displaying an error messege { System.out.println("The room number you entered does not exist. Please only enter a number"); System.exit(0); } System.exit(0); } public static int question(int roomnum) //This is where the user gets asked what room they are in { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Please enter the room number you are in"); roomnum = scanner.nextInt(); return roomnum; } public static void infoprinter() { paintings p1= new paintings(); //method for the first room p1=setDirection(p1,"The painting ahead of you"); p1=setArtist(p1,"Mary Cassatt"); p1=setTitle(p1,"Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge"); p1=setYear(p1,1879); p1=setHeight(p1,"81.3cm"); p1=setWidth(p1,"59.7cm"); System.out.println(getDirection(p1) + " is by "+ getArtist(p1)+".It was painted in "+ getYear(p1)+" and is called "+getTitle(p1)+".It is "+ getHeight(p1) + " by "+getWidth(p1) +"."); } public static void infoprinter2() //method for the second room { paintings p2 = new paintings(); p2 = setDirection(p2,"The painting ahead of you"); p2 = setArtist(p2,"Rembrandt"); p2 = setTitle(p2,"Self-Portrait With Beret and Turned-Up Collar"); p2 = setYear(p2,1652); p2 = setHeight(p2,"84.5cm"); p2 = setWidth(p2,"66.8cm"); System.out.println(getDirection(p2) + " is by "+ getArtist(p2)+".It was painted in "+ getYear(p2)+" and is called "+getTitle(p2)+".It is "+ getHeight(p2) + " by "+getWidth(p2) +"."); } public static void infoprinter3() //method for the third room { paintings p3 = new paintings(); p3=setDirection(p3,"The painting on the left"); p3=setArtist(p3,"Olga Boznanska"); p3=setTitle(p3,"Girl with Chrysanthemums"); p3=setYear(p3,1894); p3=setHeight(p3,"88.5cm"); p3=setWidth(p3,"69.0cm"); System.out.println(getDirection(p3) + " is by "+ getArtist(p3)+".It was painted in "+ getYear(p3)+" and is called "+getTitle(p3)+".It is "+ getHeight(p3) + " by "+getWidth(p3) +"."); } public static void infoprinter4() // method for the 4th room { paintings p4 = new paintings(); p4=setDirection(p4,"The painting on your right"); p4=setArtist(p4,"Claude Monet"); p4=setTitle(p4,"Impression, Sunrise"); p4=setYear(p4,1872); p4=setHeight(p4,"81.3cm"); p4=setWidth(p4,"59.7cm"); System.out.println(getDirection(p4) + " is by "+ getArtist(p4)+".It was painted in "+ getYear(p4)+" and is called "+getTitle(p4)+".It is "+ getHeight(p4) + " by "+getWidth(p4) +"."); } public static void infoprinter5() //method for the 5th room { paintings p5 = new paintings(); p5=setDirection(p5,"The massive painting on the cieling"); p5=setArtist(p5,"Peter Paul Rubens"); p5=setTitle(p5,"The Judgement of Paris"); p5=setYear(p5,1639); p5=setHeight(p5,"199.0cm"); p5=setWidth(p5,"379.0cm"); System.out.println(getDirection(p5) + " is by "+ getArtist(p5)+".It was painted in "+ getYear(p5)+" and is called "+getTitle(p5)+".It is "+ getHeight(p5) + " by "+getWidth(p5) +"."); } //Setter and Getter methods for all the paintings are below public static String getDirection(paintings p) { return p.direction; } public static String getArtist(paintings p) { return p.artist; } public static String getTitle(paintings p) { return p.title; } public static int getYear(paintings p) { return p.year; } public static String getHeight(paintings p) { return p.height; } public static String getWidth(paintings p) { return p.width; } public static paintings setDirection(paintings p,String d) { p.direction=d; return p; } public static paintings setArtist(paintings p, String a) { p.artist = a; return p; } public static paintings setTitle(paintings p, String t) { p.title =t; return p; } public static paintings setYear(paintings p, int y) { p.year = y; return p; } public static paintings setHeight(paintings p, String h) { p.height = h; return p; } public static paintings setWidth(paintings p,String w) { p.width = w; return p; } } class paintings { String direction; String artist; String title; int year; String height; String width; }
A Program for an Art Gallery

The user inputs which room number they are in and the program generates information concerning the painting within that room.

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