Backup cPanel Accounts to Amazon S3

#!/bin/bash #This scripts requires s3cmd installing to work #cPanel backups are stored in /backup - so lets issue the s3cmd to put the content of the folder to the s3://[bucketname] s3cmd put /backup s3://bucketname/backup/ -r # script to send simple email SUBJECT="S3 Backup complete" EMAIL="" EMAILMESSAGE="/tmp/emailmessage.txt" echo "This is an automated email - do not reply.">$EMAILMESSAGE echo "==========================================">>$EMAILMESSAGE echo " ">>$EMAILMESSAGE echo "cPanel accounts have been ">>$EMAILMESSAGE echo "successfully backed up to the Amazon S3 ">>$EMAILMESSAGE echo " ">>$EMAILMESSAGE echo "==========================================">>$EMAILMESSAGE # send an email using /bin/mail /bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
This is a shell script to upload a directory to amazon S3 - requires s3cmd installing.

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