Bash Vi - Cheatsheet

# To save the edits you have made, but leave vi running and your file open: : ' 1. Press <Esc>. 2. Type :w 3. Press <Return>. ' # To quit vi, and discard any changes your have made since last saving: : ' 1. Press <Esc>. 2. Type :q! 3. Press <Return>. 4. Command Summary ' # CLOSING AND SAVING A FILE : ' ZZ save file and then quit :w save file :q! discard changes and quit file ' # STARTING vi : ' vi filename edit a file named "filename" vi newfile create a new file named "newfile" ' # ENTERING TEXT : ' i insert text left of cursor a append text right of cursor ' # MOVING THE CURSOR : ' h left one space j down one line k up one line l right one space ' # BASIC EDITING : ' x delete character nx delete n characters X delete character before cursor dw delete word ndw delete n words dd delete line ndd delete n lines D delete characters from cursor to end of line r replace character under cursor cw replace a word ncw replace n words C change text from cursor to end of line o insert blank line below cursor (ready for insertion) O insert blank line above cursor (ready for insertion) J join succeeding line to current cursor line nJ join n succeeding lines to current cursor line u undo last change U restore current line ' # MOVING AROUND IN A FILE : ' w forward word by word b backward word by word $ to end of line 0 (zero) to beginning of line H to top line of screen M to middle line of screen L to last line of screen G to last line of file 1G to first line of file <Control>f scroll forward one screen <Control>b scroll backward one screen <Control>d scroll down one-half screen <Control>u scroll up one-half screen n repeat last search in same direction N repeat last search in opposite direction '

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