bash watch

#!/usr/bin/env bash # script: watch # author: Mike Smullin <> # license: GPLv3 # description: # watches the given path for changes # and executes a given command when changes occur # usage: # watch <path> <cmd...> # path=$1 shift cmd=$* sha=0 update_sha() { sha=`ls -lR --time-style=full-iso $path | sha1sum` } update_sha previous_sha=$sha build() { echo -en " building...\n\n" $cmd echo -en "\n--> resumed watching." } compare() { update_sha if [[ $sha != $previous_sha ]] ; then echo -n "change detected," build previous_sha=$sha else echo -n . fi } trap build SIGINT trap exit SIGQUIT echo -e "--> Press Ctrl+C to force build, Ctrl+\\ to exit." echo -en "--> watching \"$path\"." while true; do compare sleep 1 done
watch is a linux bash script to monitor file modification recursively and execute bash commands as changes occur

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