Blender - Constrain_Location

import bpy obj = bpy.context.active_object bnSel= bpy.context.selected_pose_bones bnAct = bpy.context.active_pose_bone #print ("----------------") #print (obj) #print (bnAct) #INFLUENCIA DE LOS HUESOS inf = 0.75 inf2 = 0.25 dir = True #direction of the constraint for bn in bnSel: #print ("--" + if bnAct != bn: cn ='COPY_LOCATION') = obj cn.subtarget = cn.use_offset = True cn.target_space = 'LOCAL_WITH_PARENT' cn.owner_space = 'LOCAL' if dir: cn.influence = inf dir = False else: cn.influence = inf2 dir = True
Add a location constraint in three bones selected whidth de active is where create the constraints

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