# Design & Development Workflow - Photoshop Layer Comps Since we won't be dropping Photoshop entirely out of our workflow (anytime soon), Layer Comps are something we should leverage to ease the designer/developer workflow. ## What even are Layer Comps? * Ability to save document state * Visibility, Position and Appearance (Layer Style) * Export layer comps to files (PSD, PNG, JPG, etc) or PDF * [How to Use Layer Comps for Multi State Mock-ups in Photoshop CC]( ## Why should I use them? ### Benefits for Designers * Easy export of all states * Helps you keep track of different states in large projects * You'll sleep better knowing the developer won't have to make design decisions ### Benefits for Developers * You'll have a "table of contents" of every state * No more changing visibility of layers/layer groups until you match up to exported stills ## Keeping things DRY * Don't repeat yourself (DRY), is a principle of software development * This is important for designers and developers * Designers: Symbols, Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, Smart Objects, etc * Developers: CSS classes, modules, templates, functions, etc ## Topics for discussion * How do we continue the conversation Molly started? * Should Photoshop still have a place at the table (when it comes to UI design)? [Probably not for long.]( * If so, at what point in the process do we start and stop using it? * What new tools should we adopt to help us be more efficient (=== profitable)? * [Adobe XD](, [Sketch](, [Webflow](, [InVision](, [Avocode](, etc.
Overview of the topics covered in my brown bag, Design & Development Workflow - Photoshop Layer Comps.

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