<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- This is an HTML5 file --> <html> <!-- The root element --> <head> <!-- Title, scripts & styles go here --> <title>Digital Clock</title> <script> // A script of js code // Define a function to display the current time function displayTime() { var elt = document.getElementById("clock"); // Find element with id="clock" var now = new Date(); // Get current time elt.innerHTML = now.toLocaleTimeString(); // Make elt display it setTimeout(displayTime, 1000); // Run again in 1 second } window.onload = displayTime; // Start displaying the time when document loads. </script> <style> /* A CSS stylesheet for the clock */ #clock { /* Style apply to element with id="clock" */ font: bold 24pt sans; /* Use a big bold font */ background: #ddf; /* On a light bluish-gray background */ padding: 10px; /* Surround it with some space */ border: solid black 2px; /* And a solid black border */ border-radius: 10px; /* Round the corners (where supported) */ } </style> </head> <body> <!-- The body is the displayed parts of the doc. --> <h1>Digital Clock</h1> <!-- Display a title --> <span id="clock"></span> <!-- The time gets inserted here --> </body> </html>
A simple digital clock javascript

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