Conflict with Themify Ultra Theme and YourChannel Plugin

Hi, the other plugin is producing an error and stopping YourChannel from running properly. The first unreachable code... is just a notice by the browser telling you that there is some unused code, it must be some debugging code. It doesn't cause any problem. The TypeError: b.ownerDocument... is an error being caused by the calendar plugin, this type of error generally comes up when selecting elements by data attribute or when using the jQuery's each loop incorrectly. Then the third error: TypeError: can't convert... is being produced by YourChannel. YourChannel is trying to collect all the YourChannel instances on the page, but since other plugin has prevented YourChannel from creating its videos, it's failing. So, it's the calendar plugin that's causing this. It'll also prevent other scripts from running properly. Contact them.
This is YourChannel's answer regarding what is causing the YourChannel videos not to load on our videos page:

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