Cost-Effective and Affordable Implant Surgery and World-Class Facilities available at Big Apollo

<h1>Cost-Effective and Affordable Implant Surgery and World-Class Facilities available at Big Apollo</h1> <p> <strong>Dr. Abhishek Das (Orthopaedics Department) Big Apollo Spectra</strong><br><br> The aim of Big Apollo Spectra Hospital has always been to provide affordable and advanced technology medical care to the general public. Dr. Abhishek is <a href="">best orthopaedic in patna</a> and he completed higher studies in India and pursued super speciality training abroad. After work as an expert in England and he is rendering his services in this hospital. </p> <p> Generally, it is considered that the <a href="">orthopaedic surgeon in patna</a> insists on getting the surgery done, but Dr. Abhishek says that reality is completely different from this situation. The patient at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital is <a href="">best hospital in patna</a> and given a consultation with complete transparency. The patients and their family members are first explained about the treatment including all options available and then the treatment is provided as per their needs, which include non-surgical treatment as well. </p> <p> Dr. Abhishek said, "We perform shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee replacement at the hospital with expertise. We clearly tell the patients or their family members about the entire package from hospitalization till discharge. I believe that we do shoulder, elbow, and knee replacement surgery at one of the most cost-effective rates in the country and the world and without compromising on the technology of implant quality." </p> <p> Dr. Abhishek is a <a href="">best orthopaedic in patna</a> and further clarified, "Cheapest and reliable treatment is done at Big Apollo due to which patients not only from Bihar and Jharkhand but also from Assam, North-East and even from Nepal come here for the treatment. For example, we use world-class medical devices which are implanted in the body. We have an entire team which is well trained to deliver the best patient outcomes. </p> <p> <strong>Joint Replacement surgery can be even cheaper</strong><br><br> big apollo hospital is <a href="">best private hospital in patna</a> and Joint Replacement surgery can be further cheaper if the Indian implant is used instead of imported. Dr. Abhishek said that presently imported implants that meet high standards are used <a href="">hospital in patna</a> at Big Apollo. There is no published research or Joint Registry data for Indian Prosthetic Joints. Hence, many surgeries don’t use them, He firmly believes that the quality of surgery and implant cannot be compromised. Patient Safety and well-being are his first priority. </p>
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