Crear tabla Dual en PostgreSQL

CREATE TABLE dual(VALUES(true)); SELECT now() FROM dual; SELECT 'Hola, mundo!!' FROM dual; DROP TABLE public.contactos; CREATE TABLE public.contactos ( nombre character varying, telefono character varying, id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('contactos_id_seq'::regclass), CONSTRAINT contactos_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id) ); INSERT INTO public.contactos(nombre,telefono) VALUES('Mario','7332222'),('Jimena','54333'),('Oscar','533333'),('Monica','8776767'); SELECT concat('Contactos: ',(SELECT count(*) as cantidad FROM public.contactos)) AS consulta FROM dual; SELECT 'Contactos: '||(SELECT count(*) as cantidad FROM public.contactos) AS consulta FROM dual;
Ejemplo de consultas en postgres. Aunque la tabla 'dual' ya esta implicita

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