- pull torrents url

import urllib2 import urllib import re import os def get_links(u): url = u response = urllib2.urlopen(url) content = print("now entering "+url) print(str(len(content))+" bytes") links = re.findall("<a href=\"(.*)\"(?:\W|>)>(.*)\W?</\w>",content) print(str(len(links))+" links") paths = [] for a in links: if "files" in a[0]: #uncomment for debugging #print('<a href=\"'+url.split('/files')[0]+a[0]+'\">'+a[-1].strip()+'</a><br />') paths.append('<a href=\"'+url.split('/files')[0]+a[0]+'\">'+a[-1].strip()+'</a><br />\n') return paths url = "" ftest = open("games.htm","w") for i in range(1,11): pulled = get_links(url+str(i)) ftest.write(("\n<p></p>" if i>1 else "")+"[ "+url+str(i)+" ]:<br />\n") [ftest.write(p) for p in pulled] ftest.close() print(("links disponibles en "+os.path.abspath('\\\\',"\\")) print("file:///"+(os.path.abspath('\\\\',"\/"))
The url can be de-harcoded; as a test I only pulled games links (hint: "category"), can be converted into a def, class or whatnot.
Be creative!

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