import os.path import shutil import hashlib import logging # Support both Python 2 and 3 urllib2 importing try: from urllib.request import urlopen, Request except ImportError: from urllib2 import urlopen, Request def validate_file(file_path, hash): """ Validates a file against an MD5 hash value :param file_path: path to the file for hash validation :type file_path: string :param hash: expected hash value of the file :type hash: string -- MD5 hash value """ m = hashlib.md5() with open(file_path, 'rb') as f: while True: chunk = * 1000) # 1MB if not chunk: break m.update(chunk) return m.hexdigest() == hash def download_with_resume(url, file_path, hash=None, timeout=10): """ Performs a HTTP(S) download that can be restarted if prematurely terminated. The HTTP server must support byte ranges. :param file_path: the path to the file to write to disk :type file_path: string :param hash: hash value for file validation :type hash: string (MD5 hash value) :param timout: timeout for http request :type timeout: int """ # don't download if the file exists if os.path.exists(file_path): return block_size = 1000 * 1000 # 1MB tmp_file_path = file_path + '.part' first_byte = os.path.getsize( tmp_file_path) if os.path.exists(tmp_file_path) else 0 logging.debug('Starting download at %.1fMB' % (first_byte / 1e6)) file_size = -1 try: file_size = int(urlopen(url).info().get('Content-Length', -1)) logging.debug('File size is %s' % file_size) while first_byte < file_size: last_byte = first_byte + block_size \ if first_byte + block_size < file_size \ else file_size - 1 logging.debug('Downloading byte range %d - %d' % (first_byte, last_byte)) # create the request and set the byte range in the header req = Request(url) req.headers['Range'] = 'bytes=%s-%s' % (first_byte, last_byte) data_chunk = urlopen(req, timeout=timeout).read() # read the data from the URL and write it to the file with open(tmp_file_path, 'ab') as f: f.write(data_chunk) first_byte = last_byte + 1 except IOError as e: logging.debug('IO Error - %s' % e) finally: # rename the temp download file to the correct name if fully downloaded if file_size == os.path.getsize(tmp_file_path): # if there's a hash value, validate the file if hash and not validate_file(tmp_file_path, hash): raise Exception( 'Error validating the file against its MD5 hash') shutil.move(tmp_file_path, file_path) elif file_size == -1: raise Exception( 'Error getting Content-Length from server: %s' % url)
Python HTTP download with resume and optional MD5 hash checking

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