/// Mixin printing a linear-gradient /// as well as a plain color fallback /// and the `-webkit-` prefixed declaration /// @access public /// @param {Keyword | Angle} $direction - Linear gradient direction /// @param {Arglist} $color-stops - List of color-stops composing the gradient @mixin linear-gradient($direction, $color-stops...) { // Direction has been omitted and happens to be a color-stop @if is-direction($direction) == false { $color-stops: $direction, $color-stops; $direction: 180deg; } background: nth(nth($color-stops, 1), 1); background: -webkit-linear-gradient(legacy-direction($direction), $color-stops); background: linear-gradient($direction, $color-stops); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#{nth(nth($color-stops, 1), 1)}', endColorstr='#{nth(nth($color-stops, length($color-stops)), 1)}', GradientType=0 ); /* IE6-9 */ } /// Test if `$value` is a valid direction /// @param {*} $value - Value to test /// @return {Bool} @function is-direction($value) { $is-keyword: index((to top, to top right, to right top, to right, to bottom right, to right bottom, to bottom, to bottom left, to left bottom, to left, to left top, to top left), $value); $is-angle: type-of($value) == 'number' and index('deg' 'grad' 'turn' 'rad', unit($value)); @return $is-keyword or $is-angle; } /// Convert a direction to legacy syntax /// @param {Keyword | Angle} $value - Value to convert /// @require {function} is-direction /// @require {function} convert-angle /// @throw Cannot convert `#{$value}` to legacy syntax because it doesn't seem to be a direction.; @function legacy-direction($value) { @if is-direction($value) == false { @error "Cannot convert `#{$value}` to legacy syntax because it doesn't seem to be a direction."; } $conversion-map: ( to top : bottom, to top right : bottom left, to right top : left bottom, to right : left, to bottom right : top left, to right bottom : left top, to bottom : top, to bottom left : top right, to left bottom : right top, to left : right, to left top : right bottom, to top left : bottom right ); @if map-has-key($conversion-map, $value) { @return map-get($conversion-map, $value); } @return 90deg - $value; }
scss gradient mixin

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