hallowpress changelog

Current demo can be seen here http://wp.andornagy.info/ 2.0 - Added 3 New color Shames : Red,Blue and Green - Added Return to Top Button - Added the feature to reposition thumbnails based on their sizes. If the thumbnail is large, then above post title, else below. - Removed Featured Image Brightness Trensitions - Rmeoved Padding from Content area so it now alligns on both side with the featured image - Fixed Image logo and Text Title margins and paddings - Changed the Mobile Navigation - Chnaged font from PT Sans', sans-serif; to Georgia serif; 1.6.1 - Changed Header hight from 50px to 70px so the logo fits right - Chnaged Button Styles abit - Added Responsive Navigation 1.6 - Fixed some responsivity issues - Fixed the Dropdown colors - Changed the Logo color/bgcolor - Changed the navigation menu style - chnaged the widget design/title style - Changed Buttons styles - Changed the comment form styles 1.0 - initial release

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