input#wc-hcc-order-bump-cb::before { content: url(https://tinder.thrivecart.com/v4f5272c…/plugins/core.template.tall/images/arrow.gif); position: absolute; right: 22px; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-checkbox input[type="checkbox"] { width: 20px; height:20px; position:relative; cursor:pointer; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-checkbox label { cursor: default; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-cb{ width: 20px; height: 20px; cursor: pointer; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-description { color: black; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-highlight { color: red; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-checkbox { background: #F6D857; } .wc-hcc-order-bump-label { color: black; vertical-align: super; } .wc-hcc-order-bump { border: 2px dashed #f73737; }

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