Install wget in Mac OS X

# First we use curl to get the tar curl -O # Untar tar -xzf wget-1.13.4.tar.gz # Change directory cd wget-1.13.4 # Configure with the appropriate –with-ssl flag to prevent a “GNUTLS not available” error ./configure --with-ssl=openssl # Build it make # Now install it (admin rights required) sudo make install # Check if it worked wget --help # Everything ok? now delete source files cd .. && rm -rf wget*
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This is interesting. Can you explain what `rm -rf wget*` does? And possibly why `&&` over `;`? Just trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks.
@Jesse Graupmann Sorry for the late response, the "rm..." is used to delete recursively files and folders after installation succeeded, that's why we go to the parent directory before running it (cd ..).
The double && is used to run a second command without having to press enter two times, you sort of concatenate the commands to be executed.

Hope it clarifies something.

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