# Intro To React and webpack *Presented by: [Sean Timm](* * ES6/ECMAScript2015 * Backticks enable multiline strings * All variables in modules are private * Default values in functions * [Rest parameter]( * [Spread operator]( * Spread array with spread parameter * *Note to self:* If I ever present, use a web based presentation tool * Enables live coding without switching between apps * Firefox dev tools are written in React * webpack * Loaders * Babel, script, sass, less, eslint, etc. * Plugins augment loaders * Banner, UglifyJS, CommonsChunk, etc. ## Links * [Babel]( * [webpack]( * [React.js Fundamentals]( * React Dev Tools * [Chrome]( * [Firefox]( * [React: CSS in JS]( by Christopher Chedeau ([vjeux]( * [Styling React components in JavaScript]( * [O'Reilly Fluent Conference]( * [Sitecore and React](
Notes from Boise Code Camp 2016 talk: Intro To React and webpack

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