jQuery vs. Vanilla JS

// Add Class $('.element').addClass('this-is-a-new-class'); // jQuery document.querySelector('.element').classList.add('this-is-a-new-class'); // Vanilla JS // Remove Class $('.element').removeClass('this-is-a-new-class'); // jQuery document.querySelector('.element').classList.remove('this-is-a-new-class'); // Vanilla JS // Toggle Class $('.element').toggleClass('this-is-a-new-class'); // jQuery document.querySelector('.element').classList.toggle('this-is-a-new-class'); // Vanilla JS // Select All Elements With Query var elems = $('.element'); var elems = document.querySelectorAll('.element'); // Hide $('.element').hide(); document.querySelector('.element').style.display = 'none'; // Even more that I don't know off the top of my head :)
Odds are you don't really need jQuery, it adds un-needed bloat to your site.

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