JS: Render PIE chart using Datamatic API and Google spreadsheet

var datamatic = new Datamatic("117670017722819924657"); var chart = datamatic.chart("0B3wq5VFn9PllNG5uNkdRTXF2T2s", { width: 452, height: 318 }); var sheetID = "1EYtZWp7Vc5Li_Ip-HcHd1CEhf4GbIfjLqpp0PpFbmRQ"; var getData = function () { // clean previous data on load chart.setData([]); return Datamatic.ajax.json("https://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/list/" + sheetID + "/od6/public/values?alt=json"); }; chart.render(document.body).then(getData).then(function (sheet) { chart.setData(sheet.feed.entry.map(function (row) { return { "name": row.gsx$text.$t, "value": row.gsx$value.$t }; })); });
Showing a simple demo of how to use Datamatic PIE chart with Google spreadsheet. To edit the PIE chart colors and so on, free registration at datamatic.co is required.

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