Lazarus (and Delphi?): Customizing MessageDlg buttons and caption

function MessageDlg2(capt: string; Msg: string; DlgType: TMsgDlgType; Buttons: TMsgDlgButtons; Captions: array of string): Integer; var aMsgDlg: TForm; i: Integer; dlgButton: TBitBtn; CaptionIndex: Integer; begin { Create the Dialog } { Dialog erzeugen } aMsgDlg := CreateMessageDialog(Msg, DlgType, Buttons); try aMsgDlg.Caption:=capt; captionIndex := 0; { Loop through Objects in Dialog } { Über alle Objekte auf dem Dialog iterieren} for i := 0 to aMsgDlg.ComponentCount - 1 do begin { If the object is of type TButton, then } { Wenn es ein Button ist, dann...} if (aMsgDlg.Components[i] is TBitBtn) then begin dlgButton := TBitBtn(aMsgDlg.Components[i]); if CaptionIndex > High(Captions) then Break; { Give a new caption from our Captions array} { Schreibe Beschriftung entsprechend Captions array} dlgButton.Caption := Captions[CaptionIndex]; Inc(CaptionIndex); end; end; Result := aMsgDlg.ShowModal; finally aMsgDlg.Free; end; end;
Customize MessageDlg dialog.

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