Let Doctor decide what treatment to give to the patient

<h1>Let Doctor decide what treatment to give to the patient</h1> Dr Rohit Kumar is a <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/doctor/dr-kumar-rohit">best urologist in patna</a> and reputed name in the field of urology. He is a senior expert doctor of urology in Big Apollo Spectra Hospital and he has been with the hospital since it started. Besides being the expert doctor with this leading hospital in Patna, he understands very closely the social and economic status of the people of the entire Bihar and its surrounding areas along with their mental status arising out of it. Dr Rohit said that a large number of patients come to the Government hospital in Bihar and that is why even if one has to get the surgery done at the earliest, has to wait for a long time. If the general public has to come to the private hospitals then it is very difficult for them to bear the hospital expenses. <p> <p> <h3>Treatment should be accessible to every status of the person</h3> </p> He said that in such a situation Big Apollo Spectra Hospital is a <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">best hospital in patna</a> and tehy has decided as a policy that if a person once has to come to the hospital for surgery then should not be forced to go back after hearing the surgery fees and also there should be no compromise in the quality of surgery. As a result of this policy of the hospital, now people from low income group to high income group come to Big Apollo Spectra Hospital for treatment not only in the <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/service/urology">best urology hospital in patna</a> but also in other departments. He said that from the beginning the hospital has charged very less fees that the common man can easily afford and also started surgery at a very low cost. Now not only patients from Bihar, but also from the neighboring states come to Big Apollo Spectra for treatment. </p> <p> <h3>Medical Knowledge from the internet is very dangerous </h3> <p> Dr Rohit also understands very well that in today's era of the internet, a repository of information has become easily accessible to everyone. Educated people coming here to get treated themselves or their relatives, very clearly say which and what kind of treatment they want. The situation becomes strange when they demand to perform specific surgery. </p> </p> <p><h3>Surgeons heal the patient without surgery</h3> <p> He said, "We can perform complex surgeries related to urology. We have been doing surgeries such as PCNL, Mini PCNL, RIRS (removing kidney stones without incision) and laser. Even complex surgeries for cancer of the bladder, prostate and kidney are done here. Besides this, now Big Apollo Spectra Hospital has got permission for a kidne y transplant. However, it is important to note that each surgery and its special technique have different pros and cons. Only a specialist doctor can suggest when and which surgery one requires. The general public should decide after taking advice from experienced doctors as to what kind of treatment they should go for. It is not fair to take any decision based on internet knowledge. Let the doctor decide about treatment. Doctors at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital is a <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">best hospital in patna</a> and many times treat their patients even without surgery. </p> </p>
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