Limit Post Excerpt Length Using Number Of Words

function excerpt($limit) { $excerpt = explode(' ', get_the_excerpt(), $limit); if (count($excerpt)>=$limit) { array_pop($excerpt); $excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt).'...'; } else { $excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt); } $excerpt = preg_replace('`[[^]]*]`','',$excerpt); return $excerpt; } function content($limit) { $content = explode(' ', get_the_content(), $limit); if (count($content)>=$limit) { array_pop($content); $content = implode(" ",$content).'...'; } else { $content = implode(" ",$content); } $content = preg_replace('/[.+]/','', $content); $content = apply_filters('the_content', $content); $content = str_replace(']]>', ']]>', $content); return $content; }
Now, in every place where you use the_excerpt() or the_content() in your loop, use excerpt($limit) or content($limit).

For example if you want to limit your excerpt length to 30 words use echo excerpt(30) and for content.

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