Linux: sysmon script (memory usage)

#!/bin/bash printf "%-10s%-15s%-15s%s\n" "PID" "MEMORY" "OWNER" "COMMAND" function sysmon_main() { RAWIN=$(ps -o pid,user,%mem,command ax | grep -v PID | awk '/[0-9]*/{print $1 ":" $2 ":" $4}') for i in $RAWIN do PID=$(echo $i | cut -d: -f1) OWNER=$(echo $i | cut -d: -f2) COMMAND=$(echo $i | cut -d: -f3) MEMORY=$(pmap $PID | tail -n 1 | awk '/[0-9]K/{print $2}') printf "%-10s%-15s%-15s%s\n" "$PID" "$OWNER" "$MEMORY" "$COMMAND" done } sysmon_main | sort -bnr -k3 | head -20

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