Marcus Codemy

// Jobs Store import { Connect, mix } from 'fronto-connect' import scopes from './scopes' class Jobs extends Connect { namespace = 'v1' resource = 'jobs' constructor(api, namespace = null) { super(api, namespace) } updateStatus(parameters, body) { this.setIsLoading(true){ parameters, body, type: 'patch', query: true}, { 200: (response) => { this.setSelected(; if (callback) callback() }, }); } } mix(Jobs, scopes.readable) mix(Jobs, scopes.writeable) export default Jobs // Function call updateStatus = (e) => { const { jobs, job } = this.props jobs.updateStatus({id:, update_status: true}, this.closeModal); }
The Job store shows the updateStatus function declaration

The function calls shows how I am calling the updateStatus function

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