migration example usign sakila db (pgloader)

LOAD DATABASE FROM mysql://root@localhost/sakila INTO postgresql://postgres@localhost/teste_pentaho WITH include drop, create tables, create indexes, reset sequences SET maintenance_work_mem to '128MB', work_mem to '12MB', search_path to 'sakila' CAST type datetime to timestamptz drop default drop not null using zero-dates-to-null, type date drop not null drop default using zero-dates-to-null, -- type tinyint to boolean using tinyint-to-boolean, type year to integer drop typed MATERIALIZE VIEWS film_list, staff_list -- INCLUDING ONLY TABLE NAMES MATCHING ~/film/, 'actor' -- EXCLUDING TABLE NAMES MATCHING ~<ory> -- DECODING TABLE NAMES MATCHING ~/messed/, ~/encoding/ AS utf8 BEFORE LOAD DO $$ create schema if not exists sakila; $$;
this example was taken from http://pgloader.io/howto/pgloader.1.html, but in order to work properly it is needed to add *drop typed* after the type year to integer cast.

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