/** * Parses out motion data from the Axis camera motion stream * Implemented with the new Node streams using prototypes */ var Transform = require('stream').Transform var MotionLevelStream = function() {, {objectMode: true}) } MotionLevelStream.prototype = Object.create( Transform.prototype, { constructor: { value: MotionLevelStream }}) MotionLevelStream.prototype._transform = function(data, encoding, cb) { var that = this // Important bit of the stream is: group=0;level=0;threshold=11; var match = data.toString().match(/group=\d+;level=\d+;threshold=\d+/g) if (match) match.forEach(function(motion) { var motionMatch = motion.match(/group=(\d+);level=(\d+);threshold=(\d+)/) that.push({ group: Number(motionMatch[1]), level: Number(motionMatch[2]), threshold: Number(motionMatch[3]), ts: new Date }) }) cb() } exports.createStream = function() { return new MotionLevelStream() }
AxisCam motion detection with new Node streams Transform and prototypes

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