<?php require_once 'modules/admin/models/GatewayPlugin.php'; require_once 'modules/billing/models/Currency.php'; class PluginDusupay extends GatewayPlugin{ function getVariables() { /* Specification itemkey - used to identify variable in your other functions type - text,textarea,yesno,password description - description of the variable, displayed in ClientExec */ $variables = array ( lang("Plugin Name") => array ( "type" =>"hidden", "description" =>lang("How CE sees this plugin (not to be confused with the Signup Name)"), "value" =>lang("Dusupay") ), lang("User ID") => array ( "type" =>"text", "description" =>lang("ID used to identify you to Dusupay.<br>NOTE: This ID is required if you have selected Dusupay as a payment gateway for any of your clients."), "value" =>"" ), lang("Security Code") => array ( "type" =>"text", "description" =>lang("Security Code in your Dusupay IPN setup."), "value" =>"" ), lang("Signup Name") => array ( "type" =>"text", "description" =>lang("Select the name to display in the signup process for this payment type. Example: eCheck or Credit Card."), "value" =>"Dusupay" ), lang("Invoice After Signup") => array ( "type" =>"yesno", "description" =>lang("Select YES if you want an invoice sent to the customer after signup is complete."), "value" =>"1" ), lang("Use Test Mode") => array( "type" =>"yesno", "description" =>lang("Select YES if you want to use Dusupay in test mode. You need to make sure in your IPN settings of Dusupay you have enabled Test mode"), "value" =>"0" ), lang("Check CVV2") => array ( "type" =>"hidden", "description" =>lang("Select YES if you want to accept CVV2 for this plugin."), "value" =>"0" ) ); return $variables; } function singlepayment($params, $test = false){ CE_Lib::log(4,print_r("single payment dusupay",true) ); CE_Lib::log(4,print_r($params,true) ); $currency = new Currency($this->user); $userid=$params['plugin_dusupay_User ID']; $itemName=$params["companyName"]." - Subscription"; $currencyType=$params["currencytype"]; if ($params['isSignup']==1) { $returnURL=$params["clientExecURL"]."/signup.php?step=6&pass=1"; $returnURL_Cancel=$params["clientExecURL"]."/signup.php?step=6&pass=0"; }else { $returnURL=$params["clientExecURL"]; $returnURL_Cancel=$params["clientExecURL"]; } $amount = $currency->format($params['currencytype'], $params['invoiceTotal'] , false); $strRet = "<html>\n"; $strRet .= "<head></head>\n"; $strRet .= "<body>\n"; $strRet .= "<form method=\"post\" name=\"frmDusupay\" action=\"\" > "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_purchasetype\" value=\"item\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_merchant\" value=\"".$userid."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_itemname\" value=\"".$itemName."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_currency\" value=\"".$currencyType."\"/> "; //apc_1 stands for the invoice id $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"apc_1\" value=\"".$params['invoiceNumber']."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_returnurl\" value=\"".$returnURL."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_quantity\" value=\"1\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_amount\" value=\"".$amount."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ap_cancelurl\" value=\"".$returnURL_Cancel."\"/> "; $strRet .= "<input type=\"image\" name=\"ap_image\" src=\"\"/> "; $strRet .= "<script language=\"JavaScript\">\n"; $strRet .= "document.forms['frmDusupay\'].submit();\n"; $strRet .= "</script>\n"; $strRet .= "</form> "; $strRet .= "</form>\n"; $strRet .= "</body>\n</html>\n"; echo $strRet; exit; } function credit($params){ } } ?>
Payment gateway for clientexec

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