// "GB", "GIR[ ]?0AA|((AB|AL|B|BA|BB|BD|BH|BL|BN|BR|BS|BT|CA|CB|CF|CH|CM|CO|CR|CT|CV|CW|DA|DD|DE|DG|DH|DL|DN|DT|DY|E|EC|EH|EN|EX|FK|FY|G|GL|GY|GU|HA|HD|HG|HP|HR|HS|HU|HX|IG|IM|IP|IV|JE|KA|KT|KW|KY|L|LA|LD|LE|LL|LN|LS|LU|M|ME|MK|ML|N|NE|NG|NN|NP|NR|NW|OL|OX|PA|PE|PH|PL|PO|PR|RG|RH|RM|S|SA|SE|SG|SK|SL|SM|SN|SO|SP|SR|SS|ST|SW|SY|TA|TD|TF|TN|TQ|TR|TS|TW|UB|W|WA|WC|WD|WF|WN|WR|WS|WV|YO|ZE)(\d[\dA-Z]?[ ]?\d[ABD-HJLN-UW-Z]{2}))|BFPO[ ]?\d{1,4}" "JE", "JE\d[\dA-Z]?[ ]?\d[ABD-HJLN-UW-Z]{2}" "GG", "GY\d[\dA-Z]?[ ]?\d[ABD-HJLN-UW-Z]{2}" "IM", "IM\d[\dA-Z]?[ ]?\d[ABD-HJLN-UW-Z]{2}" "US", "\d{5}([ \-]\d{4})?" "CA", "[ABCEGHJKLMNPRSTVXY]\d[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z][ ]?\d[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z]\d" "DE", "\d{5}" "JP", "\d{3}-\d{4}" "FR", "\d{2}[ ]?\d{3}" "AU", "\d{4}" "IT", "\d{5}" "CH", "\d{4}" "AT", "\d{4}" "ES", "\d{5}" "NL", "\d{4}[ ]?[A-Z]{2}" "BE", "\d{4}" "DK", "\d{4}" "SE", "\d{3}[ ]?\d{2}" "NO", "\d{4}" "BR", "\d{5}[\-]?\d{3}" "PT", "\d{4}([\-]\d{3})?" "FI", "\d{5}" "AX", "22\d{3}" "KR", "\d{3}[\-]\d{3}" "CN", "\d{6}" "TW", "\d{3}(\d{2})?" "SG", "\d{6}" "DZ", "\d{5}" "AD", "AD\d{3}" "AR", "([A-HJ-NP-Z])?\d{4}([A-Z]{3})?" "AM", "(37)?\d{4}" "AZ", "\d{4}" "BH", "((1[0-2]|[2-9])\d{2})?" "BD", "\d{4}" "BB", "(BB\d{5})?" "BY", "\d{6}" "BM", "[A-Z]{2}[ ]?[A-Z0-9]{2}" "BA", "\d{5}" "IO", "BBND 1ZZ" "BN", "[A-Z]{2}[ ]?\d{4}" "BG", "\d{4}" "KH", "\d{5}" "CV", "\d{4}" "CL", "\d{7}" "CR", "\d{4,5}|\d{3}-\d{4}" "HR", "\d{5}" "CY", "\d{4}" "CZ", "\d{3}[ ]?\d{2}" "DO", "\d{5}" "EC", "([A-Z]\d{4}[A-Z]|(?:[A-Z]{2})?\d{6})?" "EG", "\d{5}" "EE", "\d{5}" "FO", "\d{3}" "GE", "\d{4}" "GR", "\d{3}[ ]?\d{2}" "GL", "39\d{2}" "GT", "\d{5}" "HT", "\d{4}" "HN", "(?:\d{5})?" "HU", "\d{4}" "IS", "\d{3}" "IN", "\d{6}" "ID", "\d{5}" "IL", "\d{5}" "JO", "\d{5}" "KZ", "\d{6}" "KE", "\d{5}" "KW", "\d{5}" "LA", "\d{5}" "LV", "\d{4}" "LB", "(\d{4}([ ]?\d{4})?)?" "LI", "(948[5-9])|(949[0-7])" "LT", "\d{5}" "LU", "\d{4}" "MK", "\d{4}" "MY", "\d{5}" "MV", "\d{5}" "MT", "[A-Z]{3}[ ]?\d{2,4}" "MU", "(\d{3}[A-Z]{2}\d{3})?" "MX", "\d{5}" "MD", "\d{4}" "MC", "980\d{2}" "MA", "\d{5}" "NP", "\d{5}" "NZ", "\d{4}" "NI", "((\d{4}-)?\d{3}-\d{3}(-\d{1})?)?" "NG", "(\d{6})?" "OM", "(PC )?\d{3}" "PK", "\d{5}" "PY", "\d{4}" "PH", "\d{4}" "PL", "\d{2}-\d{3}" "PR", "00[679]\d{2}([ \-]\d{4})?" "RO", "\d{6}" "RU", "\d{6}" "SM", "4789\d" "SA", "\d{5}" "SN", "\d{5}" "SK", "\d{3}[ ]?\d{2}" "SI", "\d{4}" "ZA", "\d{4}" "LK", "\d{5}" "TJ", "\d{6}" "TH", "\d{5}" "TN", "\d{4}" "TR", "\d{5}" "TM", "\d{6}" "UA", "\d{5}" "UY", "\d{5}" "UZ", "\d{6}" "VA", "00120" "VE", "\d{4}" "ZM", "\d{5}" "AS", "96799" "CC", "6799" "CK", "\d{4}" "RS", "\d{6}" "ME", "8\d{4}" "CS", "\d{5}" "YU", "\d{5}" "CX", "6798" "ET", "\d{4}" "FK", "FIQQ 1ZZ" "NF", "2899" "FM", "(9694[1-4])([ \-]\d{4})?" "GF", "9[78]3\d{2}" "GN", "\d{3}" "GP", "9[78][01]\d{2}" "GS", "SIQQ 1ZZ" "GU", "969[123]\d([ \-]\d{4})?" "GW", "\d{4}" "HM", "\d{4}" "IQ", "\d{5}" "KG", "\d{6}" "LR", "\d{4}" "LS", "\d{3}" "MG", "\d{3}" "MH", "969[67]\d([ \-]\d{4})?" "MN", "\d{6}" "MP", "9695[012]([ \-]\d{4})?" "MQ", "9[78]2\d{2}" "NC", "988\d{2}" "NE", "\d{4}" "VI", "008(([0-4]\d)|(5[01]))([ \-]\d{4})?" "PF", "987\d{2}" "PG", "\d{3}" "PM", "9[78]5\d{2}" "PN", "PCRN 1ZZ" "PW", "96940" "RE", "9[78]4\d{2}" "SH", "(ASCN|STHL) 1ZZ" "SJ", "\d{4}" "SO", "\d{5}" "SZ", "[HLMS]\d{3}" "TC", "TKCA 1ZZ" "WF", "986\d{2}" "XK", "\d{5}" "YT", "976\d{2}"
The unicode CLDR contains the postal code regex for each country. (158 regex's in total!)

Download it here -

Take a look at common/supplemental/postalCodeData.xml
Google also has a web service with per-country address formatting information, including postal codes, here - (I found that link via )

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