Preserve baseline verical rythm with images

$(function() { var lineHeight = parseInt($('body').css('line-height')); function balanceHeight(el) { var h = $(el).outerHeight(); var delta = h % lineHeight; if (delta != 0) { /* For images and objects, we want to align the bottom w/ the baseline, so we * pad the top of the element. For other elements (text elements that have a * scrollbar), we pad the bottom, to keep the text within on the same baseline */ var paddingDirection = ($(el).is('img') || $(el).is('object')) ? 'padding-top' : 'padding-bottom'; /* Adjust padding, because margin can get collapsed and cause uneven spacing */ var currentPadding = parseInt($(el).css(paddingDirection)); $(el).css(paddingDirection, currentPadding + lineHeight - delta); } } /* Depending on your content, you may want to modify which elements you want to adjust, * by modifying the selector used below. By default, we grab all img, pre, and object * elements. */ $('img, pre, object').each(function() { /* Only works if we're manipulating block objects */ if ($(this).css('display') == 'inline') { $(this).css('display', 'block'); } /* Images need to load before you get their height */ if ($(this).is('img')) { $(this).load(function(){ balanceHeight(this); }); } else { balanceHeight(this); } }); });

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