Print Current Git Branch

<?php /** * Read current Git branch from HEAD file and return it as a string. * * @param string $repoRoot Path the .git repo's parent directory. Defaults to working directory. * * @return boolean|string Returns FALSE if branch or HEAD file could not be found, otherwise returns branch name as string. */ function getGitBranch($repoRoot = null) { if (empty($repoRoot)) { $repoRoot = __DIR__; } $headFile = $repoRoot . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '.git' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'HEAD'; if (!file_exists($headFile)) { return false; } // This RegEx does not fully validate the branch names. // See this StackOverflow post for improvements: preg_match('/[^.\/][A-Za-z0-9\.\-_]+$/i', trim(file_get_contents($headFile)), $branch); return (bool) $branch ? $branch[0] : false; } if ($theBranch = getGitBranch()) { echo 'Current branch: ' . $theBranch; }
You may find this useful during development. I like having the branch name printed in the footer of my dev sites. Pass your repository's parent directory path to fetch the current branch name from the HEAD file.

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