Python/Ubuntu: connect to sqlserver and oracle

#!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """ requires: 1) Install Linux dependences (search for specific linux distro instructions for this): python-dev, python-pip, freetds-dev, freetds-bin, libaio1 2) Install instantclient-basic-lite follow these instructions: (go to "Installation of ZIP files" section at the bottom of document) 3) Install python includes: sudo -H pip install cx_Oracle sudo -H pip install pymssql """ import cx_Oracle import pymssql """ ====== let's connect to Oracle DB Server =====""" orcl_host = "host1" orcl_port = 1521 orcl_user = "user1" orcl_pwd = "password1" orcl_dbn = "service_name" connstr = orcl_user+"/"+orcl_pwd+"@"+orcl_host+":"+str(orcl_port)+"/"+orcl_dbn orcl = cx_Oracle.connect(connstr) #If all is correct we will see and object print: print(orcl) """===== let's connect to sqlsvr: =====""" sql_host = "host2" sql_user = "user2" sql_pwd = "password2" sql_dbn = "database_name" conexion_sql = pymssql.connect(sql_host, sql_user, sql_pwd, sql_dbn) #If all is correct we will see and object print: print(conexion_sql)
This python script shows how to connect to Oracle Database and MS SQL Server.

I will use this to pass some data between Oracle Server host and MS Sql Server host.

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