/* This program is a musical quiz that tests the users knowledge on all different types of music. Auther- Tsotne Gvadzabia Date Created = 10/10/16 */ import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.Random; class quiz { public static void main(String[]p) //Main { int teamsc = 0; //initialize teamsc---used to determine team score int team =0; //initialize team----used to determine number of people in team boolean correct = false; //initialize correct--- this is used to determine if the user got the question correct or not int [] score; //Score array declared team = teamintro(team); score=scorem(team); //Question round methods: teamsc=rounds(correct,team,score,teamsc); lastprint(teamsc,team,score); System.exit(0); } public static int teamintro(int team) //Method used to find out how many team members there are { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Enter the number of people in your team."); team = scanner.nextInt(); return team; } public static int [] scorem(int team) //Array method { int [] score = new int [team+1]; //Array is initialised with plus 1 so it doesnt go out of bounds return score; //returns the array data } public static int round1(boolean correct,int team,int [] score,int teamsc) //First Question { for (int i=1;i<=3;i++ Scanner scanner= new Scanner(System.in); questions q1 = new questions(); q1=setQuestion(q1,"Who composed the first Opera?"); q1=setReal(q1,"Jacopo Peri"); String answer1; //boolean correct; for (int i=1; i<=team; i++) //Loop START--- is repeated depending on how many team members were inputted by the user { System.out.println(getQuestion(q1)); answer1= scanner.nextLine(); if (answer1.equalsIgnoreCase(getReal(q1))) { correct = true; //Makes correct true System.out.println("You are correct!"); } else { correct= false; //Makes correct false System.out.println("You are wrong!"); } Random dice = new Random(); if (correct) { score[i] = dice.nextInt(6)+1; System.out.println("Your score is: "+ score[i]); //displays score only if correct is true teamsc= teamsc+score[i]; } else { System.out.println("Your score is: "+score[i]); //Displays score as 0 when correct is falce } } //LOOP END return teamsc; } public static void lastprint(int teamsc,int team,int[]score) { System.out.println(" "); System.out.println("---------------------------- "); //Creates a gap between the questions and the actual results System.out.println(" "); System.out.println("Team Score"); //Team Score displayed below System.out.println(" "); System.out.println("Your team collected the score of:"+teamsc); System.out.println("With "+team+" members."); System.out.println("-----------------------------"); System.out.println("Player Score"); //Individual Score System.out.println(" "); for (int i=1; i<=team; i++) //For loop to display each players score { System.out.println(" "+i+" | "+score[i]); } } //Getter and Setter methods are used below to store the question and correct answer public static String [] getQuestion(questions q) { return q.question; } public static String [] getReal(questions q) { return q.real; } public static questions setQuestion(questions q, String [] qu) { q.question = qu; return q; } public static questions setReal(questions q, String [] r) { q.real = r; return q; } } //End of program class questions { String [] question = new String[3]; //question String [] real = new String [3]; //stores the correct answer }
A one question Quiz that could be easily expanded.

You enter how many members there are in your team.

Each correct answer gives you a random score between 1-6
If your answer is incorrect you gain 0 points.

The points are then added up at the end to show your teams score along with Individual scores.

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