Random number generator

@record; for ($i=1;$i<50;$i++) { $w,$x,$y,$z,$s,$buf,$x_mem; $x=int(rand(100)); $x_mem=$x; $y=int(rand(50)); if ($x%2==0) { $buf=int(rand($x)); #less $x=$x-$buf; $x_mem=$x_mem.'-'.$buf; } else { $buf=int(rand($x)); #greater $x=$x+$buf; $x_mem=$x_mem.'+'.$buf; } $s=$x+$y; if ($s>100) { #print "greater\n"; $z='-'.($s-100); } elsif($s==100) { #print "equal\n"; $z=0; } else { #print "less\n"; $z='+'.(100-$s); } $tmp="$x_mem+$y$z"."=100\n"; if ( grep( /^$tmp$/, @array ) ) { print "repeated"; } else { print $tmp; push(@record,"$x_mem+$y$z"."=100\n") } }
This piece of code will generate a mathematical equation which on solving will give the value 100.
eg. 45+32+29-6=100

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