Remove Inline Styles with JavaScript

function remove_style(all) { var i = all.length; var j, is_hidden; // Presentational attributes. var attr = [ 'align', 'background', 'bgcolor', 'border', 'cellpadding', 'cellspacing', 'color', 'face', 'height', 'hspace', 'marginheight', 'marginwidth', 'noshade', 'nowrap', 'valign', 'vspace', 'width', 'vlink', 'alink', 'text', 'link', 'frame', 'frameborder', 'clear', 'scrolling', 'style' ]; var attr_len = attr.length; while (i--) { is_hidden = (all[i].style.display === 'none'); j = attr_len; while (j--) { all[i].removeAttribute(attr[j]); } // Re-hide display:none elements, // so they can be toggled via JS. if (is_hidden) { all[i].style.display = 'none'; is_hidden = false; } } }
This function also preserves hidden content.

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