Render JSON object from a form input

<h2>Form</h2> <form action="" method="post"> First Name:<input type="text" name="Fname" maxlength="12" size="12"/> <br/> Last Name:<input type="text" name="Lname" maxlength="36" size="12"/> <br/> Gender:<br/> Male:<input type="radio" name="gender" value="Male"/><br/> Female:<input type="radio" name="gender" value="Female"/><br/> Favorite Food:<br/> Steak:<input type="checkbox" name="food[]" value="Steak"/><br/> Pizza:<input type="checkbox" name="food[]" value="Pizza"/><br/> Chicken:<input type="checkbox" name="food[]" value="Chicken"/><br/> <textarea wrap="physical" cols="20" name="quote" rows="5">Enter your favorite quote!</textarea><br/> Select a Level of Education:<br/> <select name="education"> <option value="Jr.High">Jr.High</option> <option value="HighSchool">HighSchool</option> <option value="College">College</option></select><br/> Select your favorite time of day:<br/> <select size="3" name="TofD"> <option value="Morning">Morning</option> <option value="Day">Day</option> <option value="Night">Night</option></select> <p><input type="submit" /></p> </form> <h2>JSON</h2> <pre id="result"> </pre>
form { line-height: 2em; } p { margin: 5px 0; } h2 { margin: 10px 0; font-size: 1.2em; font-weight: bold } #result { margin: 10px; background: #eee; padding: 10px; height: 40px; overflow: auto; }
$.fn.serializeObject = function() { var o = {}; var a = this.serializeArray(); $.each(a, function() { if (o[] !== undefined) { if (!o[].push) { o[] = [o[]]; } o[].push(this.value || ''); } else { o[] = this.value || ''; } }); return o; }; $(function() { $('form').submit(function() { $('#result').text(JSON.stringify($('form').serializeObject())); return false; }); });
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