Reorder Checkout Fields in WooCommerce

Example — I would like to make the email field the first one to display, I can do it with these couple lines of code: add_filter( ‘woocommerce_checkout_fields’, ‘email_first’ ); function email_first( $checkout_fields ) { $checkout_fields[‘billing’][‘billing_email’][‘priority’] = 4; return $checkout_fields; }
First thing you have to keep in mind, that fields are separated into groups, and actually there are 4 groups:

billing — Billing Address
shipping — Shipping Address
account — Account Login
order — Additional information
Each of these groups contains fields, I think you know which ones. And you can super easily reorder them with a special priority parameter.

Just by setting the priority lower in number, as the lowest number is 10, so we made it 4 for email so it becomes the first field.

Here are the priority number list for billing fields:

billing billing_first_name 10
billing_last_name 20
billing_company 30
billing_country 40
billing_address_1 50
billing_address_2 60
billing_city 70
billing_state 80
billing_postcode 90
billing_phone 100
billing_email 110

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