Replaced Grunt/Gulp with a Makefile

SASSC = sass --style compact COMPSDIR = resources/assets/components SASSDIR = resources/assets/css JSDIR = resources/assets/js DISTDIR = web/dist CSSDIR = $(DISTDIR)/css SASSINC = $(SASSDIR) \ $(COMPSDIR)/asimov/src/scss \ $(COMPSDIR)/asimov-contests/src/scss \ $(COMPSDIR)/asimovicons/src/scss MANIFEST = $(DISTDIR)/.manifest JSBINS = node_modules/.bin PHPBINS = vendor/bin LRURL = http://localhost:35729/changed JSFILES = $(wildcard $(JSDIR)/bundles/*.js) SASSFILES = $(shell find $(SASSDIR) -name '*.scss' | grep -v '/_') # default target all: build # build all front-end assets build: sass requirejs manifest # run tests test: test-js test-php test-js: $(JSBINS)/karma start config/karma.conf.js --single-run test-php: $(PHPBINS)/phpunit --stop-on-error --stop-on-failure # compile a .manifest of all front-end assets manifest: find $(DISTDIR) -type f -exec cksum {} \; | sed -e "s#$(DISTDIR)/##" | cut -f1,3 -d" " >$(MANIFEST) # compile sass files ito dist css files sass: $(patsubst $(SASSDIR)/%.scss, $(CSSDIR)/%.css, $(SASSFILES)) # compile sass with the native sass --update syntax sassupdate: $(SASSC) -C $(foreach d, $(SASSINC), -I$d) --update $(SASSDIR):$(CSSDIR) $(DISTDIR)/css/%.css: $(SASSDIR)/%.scss @echo compiling $@ @mkdir -p $(shell dirname $@) @$(SASSC) -C $(foreach d, $(SASSINC), -I$d) $? $@ # build production js with requirejs requirejs: $(patsubst $(JSDIR)/%, $(DISTDIR)/js/%, $(JSFILES)) $(DISTDIR)/js/bundles/%.js: $(JSDIR)/bundles/%.js $(JSBINS)/r.js -o $(JSDIR)/build.js include=$(patsubst $(DISTDIR)/js/%.js,%,$@) out=$@ # watch assets for changes in development watch: $(JSBINS)/livereload $(DISTDIR) & $(JSBINS)/wach -o "$(DISTDIR)/**/*" make manifest & $(SASSC) $(foreach d, $(SASSINC), -I$d) --watch $(SASSDIR):$(CSSDIR) # set up the tool chain setup-toolchain: @gem list bundler >/dev/null || { gem install bundler --no-rdoc --no-ri; } bundle install npm install composer install --dev --no-interaction $(JSBINS)/bower install --allow-root # clean up only js directory clean-js: -rm -rf $(DISTDIR)/js # delete npm modules, composer vendors and bower components clean-toolchain: -rm -rf node_modules -rm -rf composer_dev -rm -rf resources/assets/components # clean up dist directory clean: -rm -rf $(DISTDIR) -rm -rf .sass-cache # these are targets that don't produce a file of the same name .PHONY: all clean clean-js clean-toolchain watch sass requirejs manifest test test-php test-js build setup-toolchain

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