Runtime-check of CPU AVX support

#include <iostream> #include <immintrin.h> // Verify CPU capabilities: bool bAVXok = false; int cpuInfo[4] = { 0,0,0,0 }; __cpuid(cpuInfo, 0); if (cpuInfo[0] != 0) { __cpuid(cpuInfo, 1); if (cpuInfo[2] & (1 << 28)) { bAVXok = true; // Note: this test only confirms CPU AVX capability, and does not check OS capability. // to-do: check for AVX2 ... } } if (bAVXok) std::cout << "CPU supports AVX (ok)"; else { std::cout << "Your CPU doesn't support AVX - please try a non-AVX build on this machine" << std::endl; exit(EXIT_FAILURE); }
Sample code to check if CPU supports AVX instructions. (Examples on MSDN and Intel are very big and complicated)
I will probably update this later for AVX2 and also OS support ...

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