Scl - Loop over SWA and get coordinates of first point of each segment

# Put the name of the file here set file_path "test.str" SclCreateSwa swa_h "my swa" SclDestroy swa_h SclCreateSwa swa_h "my swa" if { [catch {$swa_h SclSwaOpenFile $file_path ""} error_message] } { error "Unable to open file '${file_path}': ${error_message}" } # Gather up all the details in three variables as follows: # # string_ids_l - a list of all string ids # segment_count_a - an array containing the number of segments in each string # segment_coordinates_a - an array containing the the x,y coordinates of the first point of each segment set string_ids_l [list] $swa_h SclGetStrings strs_h $strs_h SclIterateFirst strs_itr_h while { [$strs_itr_h SclIterateNext str_h] == $SCL_TRUE } { set string_id [$str_h SclGetId] lappend string_ids_l $string_id $str_h SclIterateFirst str_itr_h while { [$str_itr_h SclIterateNext seg_h] == $SCL_TRUE } { set segment_id [$seg_h SclGetId] set segment_count_a($string_id) $segment_id $seg_h SclGetItem first_pt_h 0 set segment_coordinates_a($string_id,$segment_id,x) [$first_pt_h SclGetValueByName X] set segment_coordinates_a($string_id,$segment_id,y) [$first_pt_h SclGetValueByName Y] } } # Now output to message window foreach string_id $string_ids_l { for { set segment_id 0 } { $segment_id <= $segment_count_a($string_id) } { incr segment_id } { set x $segment_coordinates_a($string_id,$segment_id,x) set y $segment_coordinates_a($string_id,$segment_id,y) puts "String ${string_id}, segment ${segment_id} = ${x},${y}" } }
Simple Scl/Tcl Surpac script that loops over all strings and segments in a swa and gets the x,y coordinates of the first point. File to scan is defined by variable "file_path", and results are stored in variables "string_ids_l", segment_count_a and segment_coordinates_a.

Note - Formatted as PowerShell as Tcl has similar syntax

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