$("document").ready(function() { // Select div that that have a specific class $("div[class=active]").addClass("className"); $("div[class]").addClass("className"); // has any class $("div[class^=active_]").addClass("className"); // class starts with "active_" $("div[class^=active_][id*=product_]").addClass("className"); // Same as above, + ID contains "product_" // Select paragraphs that are imidiate childs of a div $("div > p").addClass("className"); // Select paragraphs that have a div as their parent $("div p").addClass("className"); $("div p.btn").addClass("className"); // and has a specific class // Select all divs that are immediately after a paragraph $("p + div").addClass("className"); // Select all li that are after a specific ID $("#theID ~ li").addClass("className"); // Select divs that have a specific data type and are wrapped in a specific ID $("#wrapper div[data-type='active']").addClass("className"); // Select all elements that are children of a specific ID $("#theID").children().addClass("className"); // Select all parents until a specific point $("#theID").parentsUntil($("body")).addClass("className"); // Select next / previous to our selected element $("#theID").prev().addClass("className"); $("#theID").next().addClass("className"); // Select divs that have at least one child $("div:parent").addClass("className"); // Select links that contain a specific string $("a:contains('Click here')").addClass("className"); // Child selectors $("ul li:first-child").addClass("className"); // First li in a list $("ul li:last-of-type").addClass("className"); // Last of it's type $("ul li:nth-child(5)").addClass("className"); // 5th li in a list $("ul li:nth-child(3n)").addClass("className"); // Every 3rd li in a list $("ul li:first").addClass("className"); // First li in a list $("ul li:last").addClass("className"); // First li in a list $("ul li:even").addClass("className"); $("ul li:odd").addClass("className"); });

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