Send an email via Outlook 2007 using C#

private void CreateSendItem(Outlook._Application OutlookApp) { Outlook.MailItem mail = null; Outlook.Recipients mailRecipients = null; Outlook.Recipient mailRecipient = null; try { mail = OutlookApp.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olMailItem) as Outlook.MailItem; mail.Subject = "A programatically generated e-mail"; mailRecipients = mail.Recipients; mailRecipient = mailRecipients.Add("Eugene Astafiev"); mailRecipient.Resolve(); if (mailRecipient.Resolved) { mail.Send(); } else { System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show( "There is no such record in your address book."); } } catch (Exception ex) { System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "An exception is occured in the code of add-in."); } finally { if (mailRecipient != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(mailRecipient); if (mailRecipients != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(mailRecipients); if (mail != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(mail); } }
I want to send an email via Outlook 2007 using C# language. I have used above code.

But still facing the issue. Then I searched over Web and found few resources to open OST file using C#.
Please review and suggest the best method.

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