Single Instance

/* * Made by Lonami, the 06/12/2014 during the morning * (C) LonamiWebs */ using System; using System.Reflection; using System.Threading; public static class SingleInstance { /// <summary> /// Check wheter is there or not another instance running already /// </summary> public static bool IsRunning { get { return !mutex.WaitOne(TimeSpan.Zero, true); } } // The correct way to do this is by using AssemblyGuid, not Name... static readonly Mutex mutex = new Mutex(true, AssemblyName); static string AssemblyName { get { return Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().FullName; } } // There's no need for this! :D // public static void StopInstance() { mutex.ReleaseMutex(); } }
Just add this code into your project and, bam! It'll become single instance! Well, you must check add:
if (SingleInstance.IsRunning) return;
To your program.cs

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