uses crt,sysutils; var n,i,j,time,score,diemcaonhat,tocdo:integer; key,datakey,x,y,foodx,foody:byte; ten:string; cot,hang,xy:Shortint; stop:boolean; ran:array[1..1000,1..2]of integer; box:array[1..100,1..100]of integer; {Ve ran ban dau && noi duoi ran} procedure ve; begin for i:=1 to n do begin gotoxy(ran[i,1],ran[i,2]); textcolor(2); write('0'); textcolor(15); end; gotoxy(ran[n,1],ran[n,2]); textcolor(10); write('0'); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); end; procedure xoa(x,y:integer); begin gotoxy(x,y); write(' '); end; procedure ranxy; begin for i:=1 to n do begin ran[i,1]:=ran[i+1,1]; ran[i,2]:=ran[i+1,2]; end; end; {==============================================} {thao tac phim} procedure xuong; begin if hang<>-1 then begin hang:=1; cot:=0; time:=tocdo+round(tocdo/2); end end; procedure len; begin if hang<>1 then begin hang:=-1; cot:=0; time:=tocdo+round(tocdo/2); end end; procedure trai; begin if cot<>1 then begin cot:=-1; hang:=0; time:=tocdo; end end; procedure phai; begin if cot<>-1 then begin cot:=1; hang:=0; time:=tocdo; end end; procedure pause; begin gotoxy(15,1); write('Nhan phim di chuyen de tiep tuc hoac Esc de thoat'); repeat key:=ord(readkey); until (key=80)or(key=72)or(key=75)or(key=77)or(key=27); gotoxy(15,1); write(' '); gotoxy(1,1); end; {==============================================} {ve khung cho ran} procedure khung; begin for i:=2 to 60 do begin box[2,i]:=1; box[24,i]:=1; end; for i:=2 to 24 do begin box[i,2]:=1; box[i,60]:=1; end; end; procedure vekhung; begin khung; for i:=1 to 24 do for j:=1 to 60 do if box[i,j]=1 then begin gotoxy(j,i); textcolor(5); write('#'); textcolor(15); end end; {==============================================} {lam thuc an cho ran} function ktfood:boolean; begin ktfood:=true; for i:=1 to n do if (ran[i,1]=foodx)and(ran[i,2]=foody) then ktfood:=false; end; procedure food; begin randomize; repeat foody:=random(21)+3; foodx:=random(58)+2; until (box[foodx,foody]<>1)and(ktfood); gotoxy(foodx,foody); textcolor(4); write('@'); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); end; {==============================================} {ghi diem ra man hinh} procedure diembd; begin gotoxy(63,5); textcolor(9); write('DIEM : '); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); end; procedure ghidiem; begin gotoxy(70,50); write(' '); gotoxy(70,5); textcolor(9); write(score); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); end; {==============================================} {kiem tra ran tu can} function rancan:boolean; begin rancan:=false; for i:=1 to n-1 do if (ran[i,1]=x)and(ran[i,2]=y) then rancan:=true; end; {==============================================} {??????????????????????????????????????????????} procedure dev; begin gotoxy(62,23);textcolor(14); write('DEV by LongVox') end; {==============================================} procedure ketthuc; begin gotoxy(25,13); textcolor(9); write('GAME OVER!!!'); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); stop:=true;; end; {Diem cao nhat} procedure diemmax; var f:text; begin if fileExists('max.dat') then begin assign(f,'max.dat'); reset(f); readln(f,diemcaonhat,ten); close(f); end else begin diemcaonhat:=0; ten:='Noname'; end; end; procedure xuatdiemmax; var f:text; begin if score>diemcaonhat then begin diemcaonhat:=score; gotoxy(62,18); textcolor(11); write('Nhap ten:'); gotoxy(62,19); read(ten); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); assign(f,'max.dat'); rewrite(f); write(f,diemcaonhat,' ',ten); close(f); end end; procedure ghidiemmax; begin gotoxy(63,12); textcolor(3); write('Diem cao nhat:'); gotoxy(63,13); write(diemcaonhat); gotoxy(68,13); write(ten); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); end; {==============================================} {toa do kho} procedure dokho; begin gotoxy(63,7); write('Do kho:'); gotoxy(65,8); write('[*] de'); gotoxy(65,9); write('[ ] trung binh'); gotoxy(65,10); write('[ ] kho'); gotoxy(1,1); xy:=0; repeat gotoxy(66,8);write(' '); gotoxy(66,9);write(' '); gotoxy(66,10);write(' '); gotoxy(66,xy+8);write('*'); gotoxy(1,1); datakey:=ord(readkey); case datakey of 80: xy:=(xy+1) mod 3; 72: if xy =0 then xy:=2 else xy:=(xy-1) mod 3; end; until datakey=13; case xy of 0: tocdo:=150; 1: tocdo:=100; 2: tocdo:=50; end; end; {==============================================} {khởi tạo giá tri và in màn hình ban đầu} procedure khoitao; begin clrscr;score:=0; cot:=1; hang:=0; x:=16; y:=13; ran[1,1]:=14; ran[1,2]:=13; ran[2,1]:=15; ran[2,2]:=13; ran[3,1]:=16; ran[3,2]:=13; n:=3; stop:=false; fillchar(box,sizeof(box),0); ve; vekhung; food; diembd; ghidiem; dev; diemmax; ghidiemmax; dokho; time:=tocdo; end; {==============================================} procedure dichuyenran; begin {kiem tra ran co an thuc an} if (foodx=x)and(foody=y) then begin n:=n+1; x:=x+cot; y:=y+hang; ran[n,1]:=x;ran[n,2]:=y; food; score:=score+10; ghidiem; end else begin xoa(ran[1,1],ran[1,2]); x:=x+cot; y:=y+hang; ranxy; ran[n,1]:=x;ran[n,2]:=y; end; {kiem tra loi chet cua ran} if (box[y,x]=1)or(rancan) then ketthuc else begin gotoxy(ran[n-1,1],ran[n-1,2]); textcolor(2); write('0'); textcolor(15); gotoxy(ran[n,1],ran[n,2]); textcolor(10); write('0'); textcolor(15); gotoxy(1,1); delay(time); end; end; begin khoitao; repeat repeat dichuyenran; until (keypressed)or(stop); if keypressed then begin key:=ord(readkey); IF key=0 THEN key:=ord(readkey); case key of 80: xuong; 72: len; 75: trai; 77: phai; 32: pause; end; end; until (key=27)or(stop); xuatdiemmax; write('Nhan phim bat ki de thoat.'); repeat until keypressed; clrscr; gotoxy(23,12); write('Thank you for playing game!!!!!!'); delay(1500); clrscr; end.

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