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<html> <head> <title>Ordenar tabla por columnas</title> </head> <BODY style="font-family: Verdana"> <p align="center"><b>Ordenar tabla por columnas</b></center><p> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Original: Tom Folkes ( --> <!-- Begin function dates(datea,dateb){ var yeara = 1 * datea.substring(6,8); var yearb = 1 * dateb.substring(6,8); if (yeara > yearb) return true; if (yeara < yearb) return false; var montha = 1 * datea.substring(0,2); var monthb = 1 * dateb.substring(0,2); if (montha > monthb) return true; if (montha < monthb) return false; var daya = 1 * datea.substring(3,5); var dayb = 1 * dateb.substring(3,5); if (daya > dayb) return true; return false; } function exchange(i,form){ /* This function swaps the information in the various cells */ document.forms[6].check.value = document.forms[i].check.value; document.forms[i].check.value = document.forms[i+1].check.value; document.forms[i+1].check.value = document.forms[6].check.value; document.forms[6].units.value = document.forms[i].units.value; document.forms[i].units.value = document.forms[i+1].units.value; document.forms[i+1].units.value = document.forms[6].units.value; document.forms[6].amount.value = document.forms[i].amount.value; document.forms[i].amount.value = document.forms[i+1].amount.value; document.forms[i+1].amount.value = document.forms[6].amount.value; document.forms[6].presented.value = document.forms[i].presented.value; document.forms[i].presented.value = document.forms[i+1].presented.value; document.forms[i+1].presented.value = document.forms[6].presented.value; } function amountSort(form){ /* orders the table by amount */ for (var j = 0; j<5; j++){ for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ var l = 1 * i + 1; if(1 * document.forms[i].amount.value > 1 * document.forms[i+1].amount.value) { exchange(i,form); } } } } function checkSort(form){ /* orders the table by check number */ for (var j = 0; j<5; j++){ for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ var l = 1 * i + 1; if(1 * document.forms[i].check.value > 1 * document.forms[i+1].check.value){ exchange(i,form); } } } } function dateSort(form){ /* orders the table by date */ for (var j = 0; j<5; j++){ for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ var l = 1 * i + 1; if(dates(document.forms[i].units.value,document.forms[i+1].units.value)){ exchange(i,form); } } } } function presentSort(form){ /* orders the table by presenter */ for (var j = 0; j<5; j++){ for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ var l = 1 * i + 1; if(document.forms[i].presented.value >document.forms[i+1].presented.value){ exchange(i,form); } } } } // End --> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <center> <table border=4> <form method=post> <tr> <td><div align=center> <input type="button" value="Fecha" onclick=dateSort(this.form)> </div></td> <td><div align=center> <input type="button" value="CK #" onClick=checkSort(this.form)> </div></td> <td><div align=center> <input type="button" value="Cantidad" onClick=amountSort(this.form)> </div></td> <td><div align=center> <input type="button" value="Pagado a..." onClick=presentSort(this.form)> </div></td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=12/07/95></td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=3></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=99.10></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="Sears"></td> </tr> </form> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=11/05/95></td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=7></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=12.01></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="Holiday Inn"></td> </tr> </form> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=11/03/95></td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=1></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=1.08></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="McDonalds"></td> </tr> </form> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=12/01/94></td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=33></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=22.05></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="IBM"></td> </tr> </form> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=12/23/95></td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=22></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=11.95></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="American Airlines"></td> </tr> </form> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=text name=units size=8 value=12/26/95> </td> <td><input type=text name=check size=6 value=11></td> <td><input type=text name=amount size=9 value=22.65></td> <td><input type=text name=presented size=20 value="Disney Land"></td> </tr> </form> </table> </center> <form method=post> <tr> <td><input type=hidden name=units size=5></td> <td><input type=hidden name=check size=6></td> <td><input type=hidden name=amount size=5></td> <td><input type=hidden name=presented size=20></td> <tr> </form> </body> </html>
Ordenar tabla por columnas

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