Tips of Taking Care of your Liver

<h1> Tips of Taking Care of your Liver </h1> <p> Liver as an important organ of the body, it should be taken care like any other organs. As per the experts of Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna people should exercise regularly to keep Body Mass Index (BMI) at the right level. If the person is overweight or obese then there is a chance of having fatty liver that can cause liver problems, so exercising is very important. Consuming liquor causes many problems, so liquor should be completely avoided or should be consumed in moderation. Hands should be washed after using the bathroom, before having and preparing food with soap to avoid Hepatitis A. </p> <p> Do not take your medicines on your own and always consult a doctor before taking any medicines. The gastroenterologists suggest having a balanced and nutritious diet and getting vaccinated. Even having unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners may increase the risk of hepatitis B and C, so should always prefer safe sex. Even air pollution may damage the liver, so wear masks in polluted areas. Stay away from insecticides, pesticides and other cleaning products containing aerosols as they also cause damage to the liver and while using these products, it is always safe to wear masks. Health experts say that one should stop smoking and even stay away from second hand smoke for a healthy liver. </p> <p> big apollo spectra is a <a href="">best hospital in patna</a> and they have <a href="">best gastroenterology</a> Department in the hospital. </p>
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